July 2012: Tim Lipetzky Featured in Connect Business Magazine

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Years later, a physician said he should have died.

In 1980, then 25-year-old Tim Lipetzky was an electrician working inside a Lakefield hospital when he felt an ache arcing through his stomach. He told a registered nurse about the pain, but would wave it off before leaving that night. At home later, his wife pestered him into visiting a doctor. It hurt.

“I had cancer,” said Lipetzky in a Connect Business Magazine interview from his 23-employee L&S Electric headquarters in Springfield, where he also owns the nation’s first stand-alone Hot Stuff Pizza Buffet franchise and Green Energy Products, a solar and wind energy business with a satellite office in Mankato. Almost whispering, Lipetzky went on about his experience: “They did a chest x-ray before surgery and found a tumor on my right lung the size of a softball. It was advanced testicular cancer. The tumors had moved into my stomach and lung. But I felt good. I was 25 and had never been sick a day in life and never missed a day of school or work.”

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