April 2015: SunPower Celebrates 30 Years as a Solar Industry Leader

SunPower, 30years, Solar Leader, Green Energy Products Today SunPower is celebrating three decades of changing the way our world is powered. Together we’ve helped homeowners, businesses, and organizations around the world tap into the abundance of the sun to power their lives. You can see some of the real results we’ve achieved together, here.

We believe that experience matters. We’re proud of our experience and it is the strong foundation that we are building on to innovate how we collectively serve our customers’ evolving energy needs.


Some examples of that innovation are:

• Smart Energy solutions that give customers control over energy bills, allowing them to choose how and when they use power that their SunPower systems generate

• New energy delivery models that help recognized global leaders achieve aggressive sustainability goals

• Panels manufactured with the environment in mind providing clean energy and ensuring ease of recyclability at the end of their 40-year useful life

We look forward to many more years to build a sustainable energy future.

SunPower, 30 years, Green Energy Products,, Solar